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Very very short 'n simple game (more like demo actually) I created as part of my master's project, in which I used puppet theatre as inspiration for creating a storybook type game. I mainly focused on the visuals, as programming really ain't my thing.  Not everything is exactly how I would've wanted it to be, but for the limited time we had to create this, I'm still quite happy.  Hope you enjoy it!  :)

Kaya Kepa // white_starcloud // Luca school of arts, C-Mine, 2018

***Update 21/6 : Increased volume of all music & effects. If it's still too quiet (or too loud) feel free to let me know. ♥


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This was really cool. I love the style of it and the story drew me in cause who doesn't love a good fairy tale?

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you so much for playing it ♥ I know it's short as it had to be made in a rather short time (and programming takes me ages) but hearing people enjoyed it really inspires me to finish it someday.  Ty for the video!! :D

  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hiyya~

Just wanted to let you know this is one of the cutest games I've ever seen, and I love the 'storybook' style in this. I've always had a thing for pop-up books ever since I was a child, and this demo perfectly captures the essence of what they're like. This type of approach to art design is rare to see in video games/visual novels, so I was pleasantly surprised and taken aback by the nostalgia this brings.

Aside from that, I think my biggest and only complaint may be the quiet music and sound effects. I couldn't really hear much of it while I was playing, and I had to boost the audio tremendously while editing. Not sure if it was just a problem with my speakers or hearing, but it was the only thing worth noting. Other than that, the gameplay was fine, and I really enjoyed the puzzle involving the house. I'd  love to see more puzzles since the house one was quite intuitive as it relates to the story itself.

Overall, I'm glad I played this and I'm excited to see the finished product! Good job on making this~

Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that. ♥

& Thanks for letting me know about the audio, I'll look into it.

Wow. This is a really good idea for a game. I never play any game like this before. Is so fresh and awesome. But I think somthing is wrong with the sound, i can only hear really really small sound even though my speaker is at max volume.

Thank you so much! ♥
Haven't had any sound problems myself (/nor had any reported) but I'll look into it, thank you for letting me know! :) 

(if anyone else who reads this has them, feel free to let me know as well)

This game is a wonderful piece of indie gold. I love the mechanics of the puppet theatre as a whole. The characteristics of it are something quite different than that I have seen before. I love the fairytale/grimm style you gave the game. The ending with BABA YAGA, there is so much more which remains to be seen. It has such an old feel despite this new age of gaming. I hope you continue this project into full development because it needs to be apart of the community. 

Your comment genuinely made me tear up a bit, thank you so much for the kind words (and wow a video)! ♥ ;_;